Man awarded over $45,000 for accident

Date: Apr 18, 2016

Australia is one of the largest countries on earth. In fact, according to GeoHive it is the sixth largest country by land size. Due to this, getting from point A to B can be a long process.

Furthermore, as the distances between Australians continues to increase due to processes such as urbanisation, it is expected that the amount of time Australians spend on the road will rise too. This could lead to more people sustaining car accident injuries as a result.

If this has happened to you, it is important to consult with a compensation lawyer as soon as possible. 

A recent case heard by the District Court of New South Wales has shown the effects a car injury can have on one's ability to earn an income. 

Motor vehicle accident leads to economic loss

In 2012, the plaintiff was involved in a car crash that resulted in a fractured sternum and other injuries to his neck and shoulder. These stopped him from working and he depended on CentreLink benefits for his income.

The plaintiff sued the defendant for damages based on the assertion that she was negligent. While she denied the case of negligence, she argue that if she was guilty, the plaintiff must also have been negligent.

However, The accident occurred at an intersection, where the plaintiff was stopped to allow cars to pass. When he turned into the road, the defendant struck the plaintiff's car. The plaintiff argued that the defendant was parked along the road and pulled out without doing her due diligence of the cars already on the road.

The case concluded with the Judge awarding over $45,000 to the plaintiff. The major reasons for this was due to past and future economic loss, but damages were also awarded to cover medical expenses. 

Injury stemming form a car accident can have major implications for a person's ability to work and thus earn an income. If you have been injured due to the negligence of another road user, it is essential to talk to an experienced lawyer today. 

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