Man awarded over $1,760,000 after car accident

Date: Jun 22, 2016

A car accident can be a life changing event. It can lead to injuries, both mental and physical, that change the way you live for the rest of your life. Without support from a compensation lawyer, a car accident can seriously reduce your standard of living and your quality of life.

A case involving a young man in New South Wales is a clear example of how compensation can help a person better their quality of living.

Car accident leads to serious injuries

The District Court of New South Wales recently deliberated on a case that involved a car accident that left a man with serious injuries.

In 2010, the plaintiff was travelling as a passenger in a car when it crashed near Medlow Bath in the Blue Mountains. The vehicle was driven by a friend, while the car itself was owned by another. These two individuals are the first and second defendants.

The plaintiff blamed the two defendants for the injuries. While both admitted primary liability, the plaintiff also accepted contributory negligence due to the involvement of alcohol. They settled this aspect out of court.

The accident involved a loss of control, which led to the vehicle rolling a number of times. As a result, the plaintiff had to be cut from the wreck. The plaintiff sustained a number of injuries, including rib fractures, a fracture to the sternum and left hip as well as pulmonary collapse.

Psychological injuries due to accident

Most importantly though was the head injury that the plaintiff sustained. As a result of this, his mental state deteriorated and he experienced a number of psychological problems. These included severe delusions, including extreme cases of paranoia that involved voices and visions that he interpreted as demons and spirits.

Many of these episode were brought on by mundane tasks such as taking a shower. In the end, they forced him to leave the accommodation he was staying in following the accident. He lived in his car or slept on his mother’s couch as a result.

Due to the injuries, the judge warded the plaintiff $1,768,833.20 in damages. The majority of this, a combined $850,000, stemmed from non-economic and future economic loss.

Accidents like this can lead to severe changes in your lifestyle. As such, it is important to talk to experienced compensation solicitors to ensure you receive the financial safety net you need.

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