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Keep the kids safe on the pavements this Halloween

If you are planning to take your kids out trick or treating this Halloween, then you may want to help them brush up on their road safety knowledge.

In the United States, children have a greater chance of being injured by a car than at any other time of year, according to auto insurer company State Farm.

Research commissioned by State Farm revealed that pedestrian injury could occur anywhere on the road, with 70 per cent of accidents happening in the ‘middle of the block’ as opposed to street corners or intersections.

It also found that young children were not the only ones affected, with teenagers aged between 12 and 15 accounting for 32 per cent of fatalities over the 21-year study period.

This research serves as a sombre reminder of the importance of road safety, not only for motorists but for pedestrians too.

While Halloween is on the whole a happy occasion, it is worthwhile being vigilant about road rules and ensuring that your children are accompanied by a supervisor.


Those travelling by foot should pay extra attention when crossing the roads, employing the ‘stop, look and listen’ technique.

Younger children should also hold hands with an adult to keep everyone travelling at the same speed.

Lots of people tend to walk in large groups but it may be more sensible to trick or treat in smaller groups, as this can allow parents more control as well as keep excitement levels down.

However, those behind the wheel should also drive to the conditions during Halloween, and be aware that more people than usual will be using the footpaths.

According to the State Farm research, drivers aged 15-25 were involved in nearly one-third of child pedestrian accidents, suggesting that inexperienced motorists need to be particularly careful.

Although this study was conducted in the United States, the same advice that State Farm assistant vice president of public affairs Kellie Clapper gives is relevant to parents in every country that celebrates Halloween.

“State Farm wants children to be safe every day of the year whether they are inside or outside of a car,” Ms Clapper said in a statement.

“The analysis of this data highlights the particular need for parents to be especially alert during Halloween.”

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