Keep public liability injury claims in mind when hosting events

Date: Feb 12, 2014

The most common injury cases arise as public liability injury claims in shops and supermarkets, where uneven or slippery floors are found to be the cause of an accident.

However, public liability injury claims are also a serious concern for any organisation putting on some kind of event, such as a community or corporate gathering. Every year, thousands of these events take place across New South Wales, and are generally regarded as an excellent way to bring communities together.

This also presents a major risk factor for the organisation hosting the event. While every gathering will have different risks, there will always be the chance for anyone in attendance to suffer an injury. If this individual files a claim and asserts that the injury was the fault of the host party due to negligence, the organisation may have to pay hefty amounts to the victim.

For many, this means taking out a public liability insurance package. This is one of the best solutions for protecting the business against unexpected claims.

This form of cover ensures the party won’t be responsible for paying the damages stemming from an accident, even if the organisation is deemed negligent by the court.

A few examples of public liabilities at an event

Even when organisations believe they have covered every angle to prevent an injury, risks will remain. For example, if an event tent is held up by rope staked into the ground, all it would take is for someone to trip over either the stake or the rope, and they would then be in a position to file a claim.

Similar, if there is a spill on a portable wood floor and someone slips and is injured, they can rightfully make a claim.

It’s been more than a decade since the New South Wales government stated that it was not a legal requirement for an event organisation to take out an appropriate insurance package. In this time, though, many event companies have been the subject of public liability injury claims in which the victims are awarded compensation.

Those who didn’t have adequate insurance had to pay these sums out of pocket, as demanded by the court.

Compensation lawyers in NSW have been very successful in working with these victims to help them receive compensation for all medical costs, legal fees and even pain and suffering. These expenses can mount up quickly, and can leave a serious financial mark on any organisation.

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