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Kangaroo causes flaming accident on NSW south coast

An accident involving a kangaroo on the New South Wales south coast has claimed the life of one man as his car burst into flames moments before he was found by off-duty police officers.

The 24-year-old male was travelling down Callala Beach Road in a Holden Commodore at around 23:00 on November 7 when his car struck the marsupial.

Police say he then lost control of the vehicle which left the coastal road and collided with a tree in the scrub nearby.

At some point during or after the impact the Holden erupted into flames, incinerating both the car and its occupant who was unable to escape the wrecked motor vehicle.

Off-duty police officers came across the scene of the accident after the fact and tried to save the victim but it has been reported that he died at the scene.

Speaking on the incident, duty officer for the Shoalhaven local area command Inspector Joe Thone told reporters: “They didn’t see it happen, they drove upon it.”

An emergency vehicle form the local Rural Fire Brigade attended the scene to extinguish the blazing vehicle and ensure that the flames did not spread to the surrounding bushland in the rural area.

According to reports in the Sydney Morning Herald on November 8, the mayor of Shoalhaven Shire Paul Green has described the victim as a “young person with his life full on ahead of him” and expressed his sympathies at what he felt was “a sad situation”.

Green asserted: “He was looking forward to his best days. [It’s] just an absolutely tragic accident.

“You can’t begin to imagine what the parents are going through.”

Collisions that are caused by the appearance of animals on the road are sometimes considered to be ‘blameless’ because they are not the direct fault of any driver involved – as opposed to incidents that occur due to human error.

In New South Wales, these incidents can be covered by car accident compensation – giving victims access to funds that can be used to pay for treatments that may speed their recovery.

A number of successful cases have also been launched where the victim is unable to work and stands to lose a substantial amount of income as a result.

While the laws surrounding the topic of motor collisions may seem complex, a car accident lawyer can give victims the legal support they need to make an informed decision.

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