Is Sydney traffic congestion responsible for more car accident claims?

Date: Jan 11, 2017

With a population of just over 4.2 million, it’s little surprise that Sydney is home to a number of traffic congestion issues. Combined with a rising road toll, the state’s streets and highways are looking like dangerous places for motorists. As frustrations with traffic boil over and more cars take to the streets, the number of people needing to make car accident injury claims could increase.

If you’ve been involved in a road accident in any way, it’s important to talk to specialist compensation lawyers who are familiar with these types of events.

How bad is Sydney’s traffic?

Released at the end of last year, a report produced by Austroads has found that Sydney’s roads are the most congested across all of Australasia. It’s not just other cities in the region that Sydney is being compared to either, with the organisation finding that its average road speed of 72.5 kilometres per hour is somehow even slower than New York.

While Adelaide took the dubious honour of having the slowest road in Australasia – King William Street – Sydney’s Harris Street ranked second with an average of just 14.5 kilometres per hour.

Possibly due to congestion from motor vehicles, Sydney also boasts the highest percentage of people who commute to work via walking, cycling or public transport. However, while NSW Transport may have listed pedal cycle deaths as one of the few road toll categories to decrease – dropping from 5 to 2 in 2016 – there are still dangers for pedestrians and cyclists in such dense traffic.

As reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, there is no clear solution for creating an immediate fix for the city’s congestion woes. In fact, Lecturer in Transport at Sydney University’s Business School Geoffrey Clifton said that state’s many roading projects might not help out at all.

“I don’t see congestion getting better at in the longer term – I only see it getting worse,” he began. “We are going to see more congestion at non-traditional times such as the middle of the day and at weekends.”

As it stands, Sydney is home to seven of the 10 Australasian roads most likely to experience time delays due to heavy traffic.

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