Infinity cables still posing serious public liability risk

Date: Oct 21, 2015

It has been over a year since the widespread national recall of Infinity cables after they were found to be faulty and pose a serious threat to homeowners and tradespeople.

Despite this recall and the numerous media reports, it seems that electricians and builders still haven’t caught the message and a large majority of the cables are yet to be replaced.

According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), 62 per cent of the Infinity electrical cables installed in around 40,000 homes and businesses haven’t been remediated.

Deputy Chair Delia Rickard explained that this situation should be fixed by now and there is now an unnecessary risk to community safety as a result.

“Electricians and builders have an obligation to inform the homeowners and businesses where they worked that their electrical installations are unsafe and non-compliant,” she said.

“State and territory regulators can issue rectification orders requiring electricians and builders to replace non-compliant cables, and will do so where Infinity cables are known to have been installed and contractors have simply ignored the problem. Such orders have already been issued and more are expected to follow.”

Poor NSW statistics

By a considerable distance, NSW homes and businesses received the most Infinity electrical cabling during the 2010-2013 installation period. At a total of 1,849km, this figure is more than the amount of cable used in Victoria and Queensland combined.

However, just 28km (2 per cent) of this cable has been either replaced, rendered safe or returned to suppliers – highlighting the amount of work still required within the state. Only 169 properties have been made safe by electricians over the past year since the recall, according to ACCC data.

Nationwide, 2,429km out of the original 3,900km of cable is yet to be fixed.

What should homeowners do?

While electricians are expected to get in contact with people who had the cables installed, this process has been slow thus far. As such, the ACCC believes home and business owners who know they had electrical cable installations carried out between 2010 and 2013 should take the initiative and get the situation remediated.

If the cables are not fixed, there is a chance of fires or electric shocks next year. This is when experts believe the poor-quality plastic insulation coating will become prematurely brittle.

Product liability in NSW

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