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Increase in police pursuits raises risk of car accident claims

Australia's roads can be dangerous places at the best of times. However, the actions of some motorists can add to the risk level, putting even the safest drivers at risk and needing to make car accident compensation claims

According to the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, more than 1,200 people died on the country's roads last year. With Australia's landscapes comprising of everything from coastal roads to dangerous stretches of remote outback, it's important that drivers keep their wits about them. 

However, sometimes the actions of other behind the wheel jeopardise these attempts to stay safe. Officers from NSW Police are frequently occupied with a number of pursuits involving motor vehicles. If these end in car accidents, they can cause harm to both drivers and innocent bystanders. 

Recent police pursuits bring danger to NSW Roads

While most drivers pull over when encountering a police vehicle with its sirens on, a minority believe that trying to run is a better option, putting themselves and other motorists in danger. The NSW Police recently reported a number of incidents where drivers have fled at speeds well above the legal limit.

In one example, a man was reported to have driven his BMW at speeds in excess of 200 kilometres per hour. While this originally forced officers to abandon the pursuit in the interest of public safety, the police eventually caught up with the driver. When he attempted to escape for a second time, the car broke down just 100 metres up the road. 

A similar fate befell a woman in NSW. The offender allegedly stole a postal vehicle while the driver left it unattended, proceeding to cause mayhem on the state's roads. Thankfully, the only two cars the woman ran into were both empty at the time. 

Again, police initiated a pursuit but were forced to withdraw when the woman's erratic driving made it too dangerous to continue and risked leaving innocent parties with a car accident injury. Eventually, the woman ended up crashing the stolen vehicle, and police were able to catch up and put her in custody. 

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