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Imported pills a danger to Australian consumers

As medication contains a number of dangerous chemicals, it is important to ensure what you consume is up to Australian standards. However, with the sheer amount of tablets and pills on the market it can be hard to ensure medication is correctly produced. In some cases, the consumption of problematic tablets can lead to medical negligence claims.

MMC Zang Ba Bao tablets found to be dangerous

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regulates therapeutic goods that are made, imported and distributed in Australia. They carry out a number assessments on a variety of products to ensure that they are up to standard and comply with Australian law. 

An example of where their work is beneficial is the warning they have given about MMC Zang Ba Bao tablets. Following testing, the organisation warned that the pills pose a serious risk to the health of Australians, and as such should not be ingested.  

Specifically, the agency found traces of a undeclared substance, believed to be sildenafil. As this is a prescription only substance, unregulated use could lead to major medical problems, thus the supply of these is illegal. 

If you have consumed pills that have caused health issues, it is important to talk to medical negligence lawyers to determine if you have a viable claim.

U.S. Black Gold tablets

Alongside the MMC Zang Ba Bao, the TGA issued a warning for a second set of pills called U.S. Black Gold. The agency believes that they can be a danger to your health and should not be consumed. 

The TGA tested the products and found the same undisclosed substance, sildenafil. As this substance is highly-regulated in Australia, consumers are warned to stop taking the tablets and deposit the remaining capsules at a pharmacy. 

Along with the Australian Border Force, the TGA is working on stopping the importation of these tablets in Australia by seizing any shipments.

If you have been harmed by a medical mistake or an issue with medication, it is important to seek the help of a medical negligence lawyer. With their experience and expertise in your counsel, you can be assured you have access to the best advice possible. 

At Gerard Malouf and Partners, we offer a no win no fee guarantee that can ensure there is no obstacle to your claim. As we know that money can be a major issue when deciding to make a claim, we remove unnecessary upfront costs and instead receive payment from your successful settlement. Talk to the experts at Gerard Malouf and Partners today

Medical negligence can come through a number of different actions, be it a botched surgery or a wrongly written prescription.

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