How two women may get compensation after breast surgeries

Date: Dec 12, 2016

Two women have similar deformities after getting mastectomies, according to Special Broadcasting Service (SBS). The women claim that the cost, time and emotional toll that the reconstructive surgeries have already taken and will take has led them to sue the hospital where the surgeries were performed. Find out how they may be able to get compensation and how Gerard Malouf & Partners’ medical negligence compensation lawyers can help if you feel that a doctor, hospital or other medical professional has breached their duty to treat you.

Two women start lawsuits against the hospital

The two women are Natasha Murie, 43, and Michelle Cullen, 52, who have lodged medical negligence compensation claims against the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital for the injuries they claim to have suffered as a result of the same kind of breast surgery.

Both women decided to get the surgery because they have a certain gene that makes them vulnerable to breast cancer. However, they allegedly came away from the surgery with severe pain, scarring and breast deformities.

“It’s taken a huge toll on me physically and emotionally and has had an enormous impact on my family, who has had to support me throughout this difficult journey,” Mrs Murie said.

Ms Cullen has undergone corrective surgery but claims that these procedures have failed and that she still experiences a large amount of discomfort.

As a result, the patients claim that the surgeries have already significantly impacted their quality of life and will continue to do so with the amount of reconstructive surgery required to repair the damage.

Making a claim requires the input of other medical professionals

The Legal Services Commission states that health professional are required by law to take reasonable care to ensure the safety and well-being of their patients. If the health professional fails to fulfil their legal duty, patients can sue for damages.

However, the Legal Services Commission explains that it is not as clear cut when a health professional has been negligent. Because of the highly specialised nature of medical practice, other medical professionals are required to comment on whether the professional in question used incorrect procedure.

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