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How to prepare when making a motor accident personal injury claim

A motor accident personal injury claim form is a document you must fill out within six months of your motor vehicle accident or else your claim could possibly be rejected.

Can paperwork really help me? 

Early claims can lead to some benefits if you use the Accident Notification Form appropriately. This form provides for early payment of up to $5000 for medical expenses.
Lodging a car accident injury claim form doesn’t automatically mean you will successfully receive personal injury compensation. It means there will be an investigation of  the accident by the insurance company, who will decide whether to accept liability for your injuries. Sometimes an insurance company may refuse to pay certain medical expenses on the grounds that they are not ‘reasonable’, or they may refuse to concede that you have suffered a permanent impairment as a result of your car accident injuries, even though they have accepted liability for your injuries.

The success of your claim will be affected by

  • Your personal circumstances since the accident
  • Whether you were at fault in the accident
  • How badly injured you were
  • Whether you reported the accident to police and received a police event number

Do it right because there are penalties otherwise

Swift action, accurate paperwork and sage advice from a car accident compensation lawyer should result in successful compensation for damages. The obverse is true, too – information you have given in your claim form must be true and correct in every respect, otherwise the Crimes Act 1900 can result in you being financially penalised or even imprisoned. Also, it is essential you see a doctor and have them fill out a medical certificate.

You will still need legal advice

This all just a start. After an encouraging meeting with your representative at Gerard Malouf and Partners, you’re going to need an expert who truly knows the ins and outs. There are many factors which complicated motor accident personal injury claims, after all. Did your accident occur outside NSW? Can employers be liable for employees’ car accidents? Are there going to be complications regarding the road fitness of either car? Did everybody follow the right steps immediately after the accident? And when children are injured, is a parent liable?

Gerard Malouf and Partners are experts in personal injury law. We act for individuals against insurance companies, we’ve run over 12,000 successful insurance claims. You can come to us with confidence in every sense of the word.

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