How economic loss is considered in a slip and fall claim

Date: Nov 23, 2016

A woman fell on her right side and has received a considerable amount of her compensation because of how it will affect her income. Find out how economic loss – past, present and future – is a factor examined in cases involving slip and fall injury claims.

A woman gained compensation for future economic loss and more 

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that a woman, Meng Khim Heang, recently slipped in a fruit and vegetable shop and was awarded $660,545, with a large proportion of those damages being for future economic loss.

The fall caused damage to the soft tissue in her shoulder, neck, lower back and arm. Not only that, but she has also suffered psychological damage, having been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. As a result, the judge ruled that she is not able to carry out simple domestic tasks, much less work.

Her plan was to become a hairdresser once her children went to school. Now her abilities to work have been greatly impacted, which is why almost half of her compensation is for future economic loss. She was awarded $305,040 for future economic loss and $43,254 for loss of superannuation.

Judge Leonard Levy wrote in the decision that: “The evidence satisfactorily established that the plaintiff’s injuries, the treatment she has obtained, and the remaining disabilities she has been left with, were all incurred and caused by the subject fall.”

Making a slip and fall claim for economic loss

Economic loss is a major factor in a decision for compensation. You can gain compensation for even comparatively less-severe injuries if they impact your means of making a living.

In addition to economic loss, the following factors are also considered:

  • Past and future care arrangements
  • Medical and hospital costs
  • Loss and suffering

According to The Legal Services Commission of South Australia, deciding these costs will depend on how clear the connection is between the injury suffered and the conditions in the work environment. To get legal advice on what compensation you could be owed for your injury, contact our expert team at Gerard Malouf and Partners. We will assess your medical history, the non-economic and economic damages you have or will suffer, as well as the conditions of the public area at the time of your fall.

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