How an apartment’s damaged roof may be due to poor workmanship

Date: Dec 21, 2016

A western Sydney apartment complex lost half of its roof during a storm in January earlier this year and it was alleged that this was due to faulty workmanship. Find out how faulty workmanship may have been at play here and what Gerard Malouf & Partners' public liability injury lawyers can do to help if you've been injured due to poor building or home structures. 

The possible reason a Sydney apartment's roof was torn off

After a storm hit the Lidcombe apartment block on the 30th of January, hundreds of residents were displaced, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. Afterwards, an investigation by AIG – an insurance giant –  was launched and it claimed that there was a violation of the Building Code of Australia. As a result, AIG denied giving compensation to repair the building. 

The residents were forced to evacuate in the middle of the night and had to find temporary accommodation until the building was repaired. As a result, they filed for a multi-million dollar claim for repairs but were rejected by AIG.

AIG claimed that the roof's "structural defects were the sole cause of the loss and damage," ABC reported. AIG stated that if the building had been in compliance with the Building Code, it wouldn't have caused such damage. 

"The wind records [on January 30] reflect the wind speeds to be well below those generally classified as a storm," AIG wrote in a document.

The owners were wondering whether they should continue to make a claim with AIG or get compensation for poor workmanship from Auburn Council, ABC said. Auburn Council may be found liable if they approved the development and the additions to the roof in 2008. 

Make a claim due to poor workmanship 

Although there were no reported injuries in this case, faulty workmanship is common and often does cause injuries. Gerard Malouf & Partners can assist if you have gotten hurt due to faulty work by builders, engineers, manufactures or retailers. 

Inadequate building structures are just one area we deal with; we also can help in the case of poorly constructed furnishings and exploding gas bottles. With any injury related to the structure or design of a building – interior or exterior – we can help. 

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