How a woman suffered a stroke during childbirth

Date: Dec 07, 2016

A woman recently suffered a stroke due to a doctor's medical negligence. Find out how the doctor was negligent and how Gerard Malouf & Partners' medical negligence compensation lawyers can help you gain the compensation you deserve after a tragedy.

A case of stroke being caused by medical negligence

Bonnie Shi had a stroke during childbirth and it has made it near impossible for her to walk and has left her unable to speak English as well as she used to, according to ABC. She used to be fluent in English as she spoke it on a daily basis for her business management degree.

It was in March 2014 that Mrs Shi was given medication – ergometrine and prostglandin – after experiencing birth complications. However, independent medical advice shows that the medication was not administered correctly and it was the dosage that has led to her right side of the body being atrophied. After six months of physiotherapy, she was finally able to walk again.

Mrs Shi was able to receive confidential compensation, however she has recently come out to tell her story and encourage greater medical transparency.

How Gerard Malouf and Partners can help

At Gerard Malouf & Partners, we have successfully dealt with many medical negligence cases.

The Legal Services Commission of South Australia explains that a breach of duty of care is determined by whether a reasonable person would have provided the same treatment if they were in that position. If the defendant falls below the standard of care that other professionals would have provided, they will have been negligent in performing their duty of care.

Examples of breaching duty of care include:

  • A failure to warn a patient of the dangers involved in surgery
  • Incorrectly diagnosing an illness
  • Giving improper treatment

After negligence has been found, you can receive compensation for a variety of reasons such as: 

  • For the costs of past and future care due to your injuries
  • For economic loss
  • For non-economic loss including pain and suffering if your injuries are found to be at least 15% of a most extreme case

In Mrs Shi's case, she was rendered immobile, which greatly affected her quality of life and caused significant financial stress.

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