How a woman may get $1.3 million for slipping over a shallot

Date: Dec 07, 2016

A woman who slipped over a shallot in Woolworths in 2014 is asking the court to award her $1.3 million in damages. She is claiming that Woolworths was negligent by providing improper packaging and failing to warn her of the shallot on the floor. Find out how Ms Day may be eligible for compensation and how Gerard Malouf & Partners' public liability compensation lawyers can help in cases like these.

The case involving a single shallot 

The Plaintiff, Olga Day, said that she was walking through Woolworths when she slipped over a single shallot that was lying loose on the floor, according to the Daily Courier. Day says that she didn't see the shallot because she was distracted by a product demonstration with free samples.

As a result of the fall, Day says that she will need spinal surgery and an arthroscopy for her hurt left knee as well as "future care" that will amount to $623,274.

In her claim, it is stated that Woolworths failed to put shallots in plastic that would prevent them from falling out. At the time of her fall, the shallots were tied with rubber bands. Day says that this makes it easier for the shallots to spill onto the floor.

In addition, Woolworths was negligent because they failed to warn Ms Day of the "presence of the loose shallot on the floor," she writes in her claim.

Ms Day is also taking her case to the Court of Appeal in an effort to get access to Woolworths' internal documentation of previous "slip" incidents in their stores.

Make a claim after falling due to a store's negligence

If you have slipped in a grocery store or supermarket, Gerard Malouf & Partners can be of assistance. You are entitled under the Civil Liability Act to seek compensation if it is the fault or even partially the fault of the store. Gerard Malouf & Partners will help you to take public liability actions against the owner of the premises and/or the owner of the business where the slip occurred.

We have dealt with many cases involving injuries due to the negligence of the owner of stores. As a result of compensation, our clients' lives have been substantially improved with significantly less financial and physical burdens. Clients often receive compensation for pain and suffering, wage loss and homecare services.

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