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How a “virtual parent” could control reckless teen drivers

A recent story in the Sydney Morning Herald reports on how much of a problem speeding young drivers still cause in Australia and a group's efforts to educate the public on this issue and provide a solution: having a "virtual parent" in the car.

Discover how a technological parent could be an effective solution and how Gerard Malouf & Partners' car accident compensation lawyers can help if you have been injured due to negligent driving.

A virtual parent may be a remedy to the problem of risky teen driving

Young drivers – even the careful ones – are more likely to speed in low-speed zones, a recent University of NSW study of 100 P-plate drivers found.

However, the researchers found that encouraging the teen drivers to reduce their speeds was as simple as giving them feedback. Even more effective was getting them to engage in self-reflection and think about why they were speeding.

This study has massive implications for how young people should be trained as it seems to be an issue of a lack of perception and awareness skills.

Max Donath, a road safety expert who visited Australia last month, has made it his mission to tackle this issue and has come up with a solution: a "virtual parent." 

The robot parent runs on a smart phone system and would warn the teens of when they are driving in a perilous way.  For instance, the system will give visual or verbal warnings when the teen driver is approaching a stop sign, curves or if they're driving at too high of a speed or braking too abruptly. If the driver doesn't listen and keeps repeating the same mistakes, however, the parents will be alerted with a text message about their son or daughter's speeding. 

The researchers found that threats of telling parents about the behaviour was most effective. This could mean that teens on the roads may be less of a problem as technology advances. 

Making a claim if you are hit by a negligent driver 

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