Home buyers still not aware of Asbestos risk

Date: Apr 19, 2016

Asbestos in Australia is typically treated like the bogeyman. It tends to be used to scare people, but many believe the risks asbestos pose are not worth understanding. However, asbestos can lead to serious illness and may force people to make asbestos claims though an experienced compensation lawyer.

A recent study from the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency (ASEA) has shown that home buyers and homeowners are relatively unaware of the dangers that asbestos presents.

Asbestos in Australian homes

New research from ASEA has found that the risks Asbestos pose are not fully understood, which is compounded by the fact that many are unaware of where it can be found. Some Australians do not believe that even small DIY jobs can have a major affect on the condition and status of asbestos, leading to greater risk of exposure. 

As Australian culture is intimately tied to DIY home renovations, the new research is a warning to those looking to make alterations to their homes.

CEO of ASEA Peter Tighe said that approximately 12 people pass away every week from mesothelioma lung cancer. Furthermore, Australia has one of the highest rates of asbestos-related disease and death in the world. 

"It's important that all Australians remain vigilant to the risks posed by asbestos," he said. "Recent research suggests that many are not informed enough to do this effectively."

With less than one-third of people confident in their ability to identify asbestos in their home, it is essential to ensure your prospective home is asbestos free before you buy it. 

"Most people believe that asbestos identification is the building inspector's responsibility, and almost two-thirds falsely think that a building inspection includes a check for asbestos," he pointed out.

Pushing for better consumer protection

The Real Estate Institute of New South Wales (REINSW) recently called for an Asbestos Act that would make it mandatory to disclose if the substance is in buildings.

REINSW CEO Tim McKibbin said that "we urgently need an Asbestos Act, which would create an agency to oversee the issue to protect consumers".

However, with  legislation unlikely to be introduced in the near future, it is essential that those who have been affected by asbestos-related illness talk to an experienced asbestos lawyer.

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