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High-visibility police fleet used to prevent car accidents

Transport NSW has announced that a new high-visibility police fleet will be on patrol across the state's roads over the holidays to try and prevent car accident injuries and deaths.
The Centre for Road Safety is funding the initiative, which will run in conjunction with Operation Safe Arrival, a NSW Police scheme that launched on December 19.
General Manager for the Centre for Road Safety Marg Prendergast said 11 road users died over the Christmas and New Year period in 2013-14.
"We're not out to get you – we want to keep you driving safe this holiday period and always," she stated.
"We don't want you to become part of the road toll – and we know that high-visibility policing discourages people from speeding and dangerous behaviour."
The fleet consists of more than 430 police vehicles with prominent markings, and Ms Prendergast confirmed they "will be everywhere" over the next week.
In addition to the markings, each police car will also carry road safety messages to encourage drivers to take more care behind the wheel.
"Road safety is in your hands and our key campaigns are featured on these vehicles to keep drivers and riders aware of their responsibilities, which is particularly important now that the festive season is upon us," Ms Prendergast added.
Drivers warned of drinking and speeding
Transport NSW reminded drivers that double demerits are currently in force for anyone found breaking road rules between December 24 and January 4. 
The organisation warned people to have a back-up plan if they wish to consume alcohol at any point over the festive season. Ms Prendergast also urged motorists to watch their speeds.
"Remember that speed is the biggest killer on our roads, contributing to around 40 per cent of all road deaths, so Don't Rush and when it comes to your phone – Get Your Hand Off It," she said, referring to Transport NSW's safety campaigns.
According to the organisation's statistics, there were 2,700 casualty crashes on the state's roads during December last year and January 2014. This represents 44 a day – with many people suffering serious injuries.
Motorists were advised to acknowledge road workers, breakdown assistance vehicles and emergency service personnel by slowing down and making space for them to manoeuvre past.
For those who want additional guidance on local speed limits, there is a Speed Adviser App available that alerts drivers when they have entered school zones or are driving too fast.

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