High number of workplace injury claims in Banyule

Date: Jan 17, 2012

A large number of workplace injury claims have been made in a local council area to the northeast of Melbourne, with the greatest share of them in the medical care profession.

The Banyule and Millimbuke Weekly reported on January 17 that over the last five years to August 31 2011 the local council area has seen a total of 776 workers in the health care and social assistance sector launch claims for workplace injuries.

In total this has resulted in payments of approximately $12 million made to employees – an average of $57,692 per week – from a total of $43.6 million in the locale itself.

For a state that once prided itself on being the safest to work in across Australia, the news is something of a shock – with 64 per cent of claims in Banyule originating within the healthcare sector.

There could be a number of factors influencing these figures – from the duties required by staff members in hospitals and social care, the training and support they receive from management through to the average age of the workers themselves.

In NSW it is the employers' responsibility to ensure that the workplace itself is "safe and free of risks to health" as set out buy the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000.

They also need to ensure that the products, machinery, plant and material does not pose a threat to their wellbeing when properly used, meaning that training and personal protective equipment is essential – especially in a medical environment.

In addition, managers need to make sure that the systems and procedures in place at a particular venue are not hazardous to the people performing them.

Any breaches of these duties on the behalf of the employer can result in charges being laid and – if the industrial court finds them guilty – massive fines can be applied.

Personal injury lawyers are able to assist injured workers in gaining access to compensation that can be used to cover medical costs and rehabilitation expenses – allowing for a swift recovery.

This is especially useful in cases where a workplace accident leaves an individual in a position where they are unable to work.

This makes the services of a no win no fee lawyer highly valuable – as the victim is able to access reliable legal advice and explore their compensation options without having to pay an upfront fee.

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