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Help for Queenslanders injured in car accidents

Car accidents are a major cause of injury in Australia. One major cause of injury are the state's black spots, which can consistently challenge even the most skillful drivers. 

While many seek accident compensation, there are a number problems with how several states approach the issue. In response, Queensland has made changes to the way it approaches compulsory third party (CTP) insurance.

Queensland black spots

Queensland is home to a huge number of roads, with many characterised by wide open-spaces and long stretches of straight asphalt. However, there are also a variety of dangerous areas, such as the country's black spots. 

These road locations are deemed black spots because they have a history of multiple accidents. In many instances, there are common problems that can be treated with engineering solutions. 

Take for instance the Pine St and Delacy St intersection in North Ipswich. It has been the site of numerous crashes over the years, the Queensland Times reported. Yet, state authorities believe it can be fixed through the use of traffic lights and other management solutions. 

However, this is not much help for the people who have been injured while driving through a Queensland black spot. Whether it's a collision with another car, or an incident involving a tree, a compensation lawyer is an essential phone call. 

New scheme to help those in need

In response to the number of people injured on Queensland roads, the state government has introduced the National Injury Insurance Scheme. It will  support and provide care for all people who have sustained life-changing injuries. 

Treasurer Curtis Pitt said the scheme will remedy the gaps in the state's CTP insurance system, which does not cover drivers who are at fault or if there is no negligent party.

"It may come as a surprise to many Queenslanders that CTP insurance only covers about half of all people seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents," Mr Pitt said.

"These people have had to rely on their own assets, taxpayer-funded healthcare and support services, and family and friends for their support."

The National Injury Insurance Agency Queensland has been created to govern the scheme and will be funded through a levy – to be paid at the same time as motor vehicle registration. It is also one of the most affordable schemes in the country. For a family car it's expected to only cost $32. 

If you have been injured, it is important to seek the expertise of quality accident lawyers. Talk to a representative of Gerard Malouf Partners today and find out about their no win, no fee guarantee. 

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