Heavy vehicle failings cited in authority checks

Date: Sep 18, 2015

Heavy vehicles are a common sight across NSW roads, with authorities suggesting that as much as 63 per cent of Australia’s road freight passes through the state at any one time.

While this is good for the economy, it does pose a number of road safety hazards to other motorists on state highways. To address this, authorities are undertaking various operations to catch truck drivers who are breaking the law.

Tumut truck inspections

The most recent example of this occurred in the Tumut area earlier this week. NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) officers stopped more than 250 trucks over the course of 24 hours, issuing over 100 defect notices.

It was concerning to note the nature of many of these notices. A number of drivers were working too many hours while others were operating trucks that had a significant risk load restraints.

Both of these factors  could have easily caused an accident. Considering the sheer size of trucks compared to vehicles, motorists would probably be much worse off than truck drivers.

RMS Director Safety and Compliance Peter Wills explained the authorities have a duty to ensure the roads are safe for all motorists.

“The vast majority of industry (sic) in NSW have worked hard to reach high levels of compliance to ensure safer roads for the community and a safer industry for heavy vehicle drivers,” he said.

“Public safety is paramount and this operation send (sic) another strong message to all heavy vehicle operators that unsafe practices will not be tolerated.”

Riverston accident 

The risk that trucks pose to the general public was highlighted in a Riverston accident late last month. According to the NSW Police Force, a truck-mounted cherry picker and an Audi collided at the intersection of Princes Road and Hamilton Street at around 2:40 a.m. on August 29.

Two 17-year-olds were in the Audi at the time of the accident, with the driver suffering leg injuries. Both boys were taken to Westmead Hospital in stable conditions. Investigators are still trying to determine which party was at fault, but this is an example of a case where compensation is a possibility.

Under the NSW motor accidents compensation scheme, compensation is available to drivers and passengers injured in an accident with a truck.

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