Head-on truck collision in Woodburn

Date: Apr 27, 2012

A crash in a small highway town in the far northeast of New South Wales has seen one man die after two vehicles collided head-on just two kilometres south from the civic centre.

Police say that the fatal car accident occurred at around 14:00 on April 23 near Woodburn when a southbound Nissan Navara ute towing a box trailer on the Pacific Highway connected with a semitrailer headed in the opposite direction.

The authorities have not released any information on the crash that could indicate who – if anyone – was at fault in the incident.

Understandably with an accident involving heavy vehicles, the forces at play wreaked massive damage on the Nissan.

The driver of the Navara – a 50-year-old man – was trapped in the mangled remains of his ute for a length of time while emergency services arrived.

Soon after Fire and Rescue teams appeared at the scene they got to work on gaining access to the injured man, cutting their way into the remains of the Nissan to free the victim from the wreckage.

After receiving preliminary treatments from the paramedics on hand, the man was taken by helicopter to Lismore Base Hospital where he was listed as being in a critical condition.

Despite the best efforts of the professional staff on hand, the victim died of his injuries a number of hours after arrival.

The driver of the semitrailer – a 28-year-old man – did not sustain any notable injuries during the accident but was still taken to Ballina Hospital by authorities to undergo mandatory blood and urine testing.

Due to the scale of the collision, the sections of the Pacific Highway remained closed for a number of hours while emergency crews worked to free the victims.

Barriers remained in place to allow investigators attached to the local area command to examine the scene to gain an understanding of the factors that may have been at play during and just prior to the collision.

Salvage crews were then called in to help remove the wrecked vehicles from the site and to assist with the clean up of the residual debris to allow for safe public transit once more.

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