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Head-on collision at Prospect

Two teenagers have been hospitalised with serious injuries following a collision on Sydney's M4 motorway on August 30 at around 06:00.

The 23-year-old female driver of a Mitsubishi Mirage was travelling eastbound in the middle lane of the freeway at Prospect before becoming involved in what has been described by police as a "lane change incident" with an unknown vehicle.

This resulted in the driver swerving to avoid a collision before losing control of the small car, which ended up travelling in the wrong lane.

The Mirage then connected with an eight-wheel truck in an accident that resulted in extensive injuries to the occupants.

The 18-year-old male passenger – the driver's brother – was travelling in the front seat of the small car when it collided with the large vehicle and suffered critical head injuries.

Both occupants were transferred to Westmead hospital for treatment, with the sister in a stable condition after receiving extensive wounds to her head and chest.

Emergency services say both victims were trapped in the wreckage for some time before they were able to be removed.

Paramedics examined the driver of the truck at the scene but he did not require medical attention.

However the 40-year-old male was taken to Westmead hospital to undertake mandatory blood and urine tests – a requirement undertaken by all parties of serious crashes in NSW.

The eastbound lanes of the M4 motorway near the Prospect Highway exit were closed for two hours while members of the Metropolitan Crash Investigation Unit inspected the site, before salvage teams were called in to clear the wrecked vehicles.

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