Has Christmas left you with the need for a public liability claim?

Date: Jan 13, 2016

For many people across Australia, Christmas is a time of joy and celebration, with adults taking in ample food, beer and wine while the kids play with new toys.

However, sometimes things don’t go according to plan, and the busy holiday season can quickly become overwhelming if something goes wrong. In fact, some of the traditionally joyful aspects of Christmas can be the result of public liability claims.

From faulty decorations to malfunctioning toys, if Christmas has left you with more than you bargained for, it’s important to follow up with specialist public liability lawyers. Check out the list below to see what you may be able to claim for.

Christmas lights highlight dangers of electricity

A number of families around Australia excitably hang lights across their Christmas tree and along their houses each year, so it’s important to ensure these products are operating as the manufacturer intended.

Malfunctioning Christmas lights are especially dangerous and pose unnecessary threats to both people and property if something goes wrong. Incorrectly manufactured products in this range boast a high risk of electrocuting people if the cables aren’t created to the intended standards.

On top of this, there’s also a high risk of an electrical fire occurring. If this happens while they are left on overnight, it can cause serious injuries or even result in accidental deaths.

Hoverboards increase risk of slips, trips and falls

Hoverboards were one of the most popular – and most controversial – presents found under the tree for many Australians this Christmas. While the gifts have brought plenty of joy for some, they’ve resulted in a number of injuries for others.

In many cases, these vehicles aren’t confined to the home either, with numerous internet videos detailing the dangers that await people who take them outdoors. The images offer a stark warning for people new to the devices, as dangerous conditions and poorly maintained surfaces could lead to public liability claims.

Packed shops increase danger

Those who braved the crowds for the ultimate Boxing Day deals may have got more than they bargained for if the cramped environment didn’t allow for easy access. Depending on the conditions, people who fell or suffered similar injuries may require the assistance of public liability lawyers.

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