Greens slammed for inaction over staffer accused of sexual assault

Date: Jun 22, 2017

The NSW Greens have come under fire for their supposed inaction over sexual assault allegations regarding a party member and former employee of the political organisation.

The story hit the headlines after journalist Lauren Ingram posted on her Twitter account that she had originally agreed to consensual sex with the accused on Anzac Day in 2015, but the man quickly became violent.

“I told him to stop. He held me down and bit me and hit me,” she stated, before posting photos of her injuries that showed extensive bruising.

According to the Huffington Post, Ms Ingram complained to both the Greens and police, before being told that four other women had filed allegations against the man.

Other victims step forward

News Limited has since interviewed Ms Ingram in more depth, where she expanded on her experiences.

She said that while the Greens were initially sympathetic and suspended the man’s membership to pursue an investigation, the alleged perpetrator left the state after being questioned and the matter didn’t progress.

“I am a progressive woman. I have voted for the Greens. It has come to me speaking publicly about this because the institutions did nothing,” she stated.

After the Twitter revelations, Sydney-based writer Erin Riley has also spoken out about her experiences with the man, whom she claimed raped her years before Ms Ingram.

“I’ve been a bit messed up since I found out what happened to [Ms Ingram] on Tuesday (June 20). I’m a bit hysterical and not quite myself,” she told The Australian.

“I know there’s not much they can do about my story, but I can at least help establish a pattern.”

Ms Ingram said that since posting her story on social media several other women have also told her they have experienced similar attacks from the same man.

The Greens’ response

The Greens have issued two official responses since the allegations came to light. On Monday (June 19), Greens NSW Co-convener Debbie Gibson said the party was “devastated” for the women who came forward.

She added that the man has since been formally and indefinitely suspended with all member rights removed.

Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens spokesperson for women, echoed these sentiments, claiming party members were “extremely distressed” to hear about the sexual assault allegations.

“As soon as this issue was drawn to our attention, the Australian Greens Federal Party Room formally asked, via our National Convenors, that all state branches review their policies around sexual harassment and how complaints are being dealt with,” she explained.

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