Grapes: the slipperiest fruit in the bunch

Date: Jul 24, 2014

Slip and fall injuries can occur at anytime at the supermarket as there are many hazards present in the environment. From loose tiles to wet floors, however, could there be a less well-known culprit?

According to reports from UK personal injury solicitors, grapes are the most common cause of injuries in supermarkets across England. The fruit might only be small in size, but is responsible for more than its fair share of slip and fall injuries.

The Daily Telegraph also highlighted grapes as posing the biggest hazard at supermarkets in 2012.

Recent examples

UK legal firm Edwards Hoyle said that it has had to review several cases in the last 12 months in relation to grape encounters. In one particular example, a Leeds woman slipped a grape in the dairy section of her local supermarket. This caused her to lose balance and resulted in severe ligament damage to her leg.

Managing Partner at Edwards Hoyle, David Edwards told Law and More that they were surprised with the number of cases involving supermarket grapes.

“When looking at the slip cases we’ve dealt with, cases involving grapes keep coming up time and time again, so we wanted to release this case data to remind people how careful they have to be to check what they’re stepping on,” he said.

“If people do have the misfortune to slip in a supermarket it doesn’t mean the supermarket is automatically responsible – quite often it’s the fault of another customer.”

Mr Edwards explained that the public need to be aware of the hazards associated with grapes on the supermarket floor.

“We want to urge people to be careful when visiting a supermarket; no matter how silly that may sound, a simple slip can cause lasting damage, so it pays to look where you’re treading,” he said.

Public liability in NSW

If you slip on grapes or any other fruit at the supermarket and are injured, you could be eligible for compensation.

However, to receive injury compensation, you will be required to demonstrate the owner of the supermarket where you were hurt, was remiss in their duty of care to you.

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