Grafton collision leaves three victims hospitalised, two listed as critical

Date: Aug 05, 2011

Three people have been hospitalised after an accident on the Pacific Highway south of Grafton yesterday morning (August 4).

At about 11:00, police report that a rigid-body Pantech truck was involved in a serious crash with a four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicle towing a caravan.

The heavy truck – weighing in at eight tonnes – collided with the 4WD with such force that both vehicles had their front sections demolished.

As a result, the caravan sheared off its trailer, jack-knifing past the point of impact before disintegrating as it tumbled down the road.

The accident inflicted leg injuries on the truck's driver, who was taken to Grafton Base Hospital with a suspected broken ankle.

Initial reports that one of the occupants of the 4WD – a middle-aged couple from Port Macquarie – had died at the scene were incorrect.

According to ambulance officers, it took about 15 minutes for them to free the two people, who were trapped in their damaged vehicle.

Both the driver and the passenger suffered serious chest injuries, with the female being air-lifted by the Westpac Rescue Life Saver Helicopter to Coffs Harbour Hospital.

Her male passenger was taken to the same facility by ambulance. Both victims have been listed as being in critical condition.

A section of the highway ten kilometres south of Grafton was closed as forensic crash teams performed investigations on the site before salvage teams began clearing the wreckage.

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