Government targeting cancer prevention

Date: Apr 26, 2016

Discovering you have a serious health issue such as cancer can be a major blow. This is because cancer has serious effects on a person’s health as well as their emotional and social well-being. However, the government believes it can help reduce the rates of cancer with early prevention.

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Changing Australian lifestyle choices

While cancer has a major impact on an individual, it can also put a strain on Australia’s healthcare system. As such, the government is aiming to prevent cancer before it becomes life-threatening.

The government has recently announced a new online tool that can help people understand how lifestyle choice increase the risk of cancer. The Check Your Cancer Risk interactive tool was launched this month and may be a major step to reducing national rates of cancer.

Minister for Health Sussan Ley pointed out that one-third of all cancer cases are preventable, while more than half could be prevented through both healthier lifestyles and regular screenings as shown by World Health Organisation statistics.

“It is estimated that over 130,000 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer this year, the equivalent of one person every four minutes,” she said.

“Check Your Cancer Risk is designed to motivate people to take simple, achievable steps to reduce their risk by assessing lifestyle factors, including weight and diet, physical activity, alcohol consumption, smoking and sun exposure.”

Speaking to the government, the CEO of Cancer Australia Professor Helen Zorbas said that smoking and excessive UV radiation are known causes, yet other lifestyle choices, such as alcohol consumption, are less well-known risk factors.

“The evidence is well established – four of the top five most commonly diagnosed cancers in Australia are also among the most preventable,” he said.

Yet, it is not all bad news, for Australia is also a world leader in cancer treatment. The government points out that the country has one of the highest cancer survival rates in the world.

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