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Government helping chronically ill Australians with housing

The Australian government has recently announced it is making changes to the way chronically ill people are looked after. The main change will impact their living arrangements and the length of time they need to spend in hospital.

As injuries and illness can have a major impact on people’s lives, it is important to be aware of the other avenues available, such as making a TPD claim. To ensure you have the knowledge to make the right choice, talk to an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.

From hospital to home care

The government is currently looking at how the country looks after Australians with chronic illness and complex conditions. The main goal is to get them out of hospital and help them to live healthier happier lives at home.

To accomplish this, lawmakers are trialling a primary care package called ‘Health Care Homes’. The program will be responsible for managing, coordinating and supporting a patient’s care.

Specifically, the initiative will facilitate general practitioners tailoring their care to patients. With an extra $21 million being committed to trials, the government is making a real effort to help those with critical illness.

CEO of the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) Kristin Michaels said the program is a step in the right direction and should lead to better outcomes for those suffering from chronic disease.

“Any initiative that paves the way for better chronic disease management through collaborative models of care is worth considering,” said Ms Michaels.

“SHPA strongly supports collaborative care models, with shared patient records, that enable the patient, prescriber, pharmacist and other relevant health professionals to work together to address the needs of the individual patient.”

While the Health Care Homes program will help those added to the trial, it will take time to mature and evolve into an effective and expansive patient-focused initiative.

Seeking compensation through a TPD claim

One way to raise your quality of life is through a TPD claim. A TPD claim is a lump sum that is obtained by an individual following serious injury or illness that prevents them from returning to work.

The payment is used to cover medical costs, pay off debts and provide cover for your lost income stream. A TPD claim can make a major difference and ensure that your quality of life is high as possible, considering the circumstances.

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