Glenn Wheeler expected to pull through after serious collision

Date: Feb 09, 2015

Friends of TV personality Glenn Wheeler have claimed The Morning Show celebrity is on the road to recovery after suffering a near-fatal crash earlier this month.

The 54-year-old sustained severe injuries when a Mitsubishi wagon hit him off his motor scooter in south Sydney. He was diagnosed with a severed artery in one leg and bleeding on the brain before undergoing surgery on Monday (February 2).
However, radio presenter Ben Fordham told the Sydney Morning Herald that Wheeler is expected to pull through despite being put in a medically induced coma and receiving life support.

Wheeler’s family and friends were especially buoyed by the fact Prime Minister Tony Abbott offered his sympathies.

“Everyone from the prime minister to Sam the cabbie have sent messages of love and support, which gives you an idea of the kind of bloke he is,” Fordham explained.

“In this industry, there are plenty of people who look out for themselves and don’t always wish their counterparts a great success, but he is different from that. He doesn’t care about all that rivalry and rubbish.”

A scan was planned for last Tuesday in order to ascertain the best time to wake Wheeler, who is currently being held at St George Hospital, Kogarah.

Car accident injuries

The driver of the Mitsubishi that struck Wheeler was arrested at the scene for negligent driving causing grievous bodily harm. Sutherland local court will hear her case on Thursday February 19.

Pictures of Wheeler’s scooter crushed underneath her wagon were released to the press. Police officers seized the vehicle.

Despite the seriousness of the presenter’s injuries, doctors are optimistic about his outcomes and family members were reportedly expecting him to make a full recovery.

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