Fresh criticism of government’s handling of asbestos material

Date: Nov 22, 2016

The New South Wales Government has been hit with a new wave of criticism from both residents and public health organisations for its poor handling of material that may be contaminated with asbestos.

It is situations like these that expose people to the harmful substance and make them eligible to lodge a dust disease claim.

Why the government is being criticised for transport of asbestos-laden material

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that there have been concerns about how the New South Wales Government has handled a waste site at St. Peters in Sydney that contains asbestos. The site is intended to be converted into a motorway interchange making up part of the WestConnex project.

The WestConnex authority bought the site in December and material has since been in the process of being transported away from the site.

However, the Sydney Morning Herald has said that residents living near the site have seen trucks driving away from the site with exposed material. Plus, residents report seeing material being improperly washed away.

ABC News wrote that Jodi McKay, Labor’s roads spokesperson, has said that if the government is not completely certain that there is no asbestos being transported, then the WestConnex project should be halted immediately.

In response, ABC News said that the Sydney Corporation has released a statement that it is ensuring that workers and the community remain safe. In addition, ABC News reports that the EPA is looking into this problem in response to complaints.

Make a claim if you have been exposed to asbestos

Asbestos contamination usually occurs because of a government or business falling through the cracks when complying with regulations.

For this reason, Gerard Malouf and Partners’ lawyers who specialise in asbestos claims have dealt with many cases involving people being exposed to asbestos. We can help you file a claim with the Dust Diseases Board of NSW or WorkCover Queensland, and take legal action in Dust Diseases Tribunal of NSW and interstate.

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