Free Sydney workshop for young driver supervisors

Date: Jul 23, 2013

Teaching teenagers to drive can be a stressful exercise for parents, but it is also a great opportunity to instil safe driving behaviour and an awareness of the many hazards out on the road.

The lessons they learn early on could make a big difference later down the track and could reduce the likelihood of ending up in serious collisions where they and their occupants could sustain car accident injuries.

It is no surprise then that parents often take a keen interest in the driving education of their kids, acting as supervisors and giving lessons in many cases.

Sydney parents can learn how to be even more helpful for young drivers next week by taking part in a free workshop organised by the City of Sydney in partnership with NSW Roads and Maritime Services.

Helping Learner Drivers Become Safer Drivers is a two-hour course to be held on July 30 where supervisors can learn how they can be more effective in helping novice drivers.

“Giving new young drivers the practical skills to handle Sydney’s busy roads with confidence and with awareness of other road users is important for keeping our roads safe,” said Lord Mayor Clover Moore in a July 23 statement.

Ms Moore said that parents and relatives often teach young drivers in the family and it is important that they are passing on the right advice about key safety issues.

These include the distance to maintain between the vehicle and cars ahead, precautions to take around pedestrian crossings, and the need to adjust speed depending on the conditions.

“Every parent worries they will pass on bad habits they’ve picked up themselves,” said the Lord Mayor.

“These workshops are a great way for parents and supervisors to boost their confidence, help them plan better driving sessions and allow them to share their experiences.”

The workshop will take place at Level 2, Customs House at 31 Alfred Street, Circular Quay. It will be free but anyone interested will need to book by contacting the City of Sydney.

It is important for new drivers to learn how to conduct themselves safely, but also that they are ready to react to other motorists who don’t do so.

Those who suffer a car accident injury as a result of a crash that they weren’t to blame for – or were only partly to blame for – may be entitled to car accident compensation.

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