Free heavy vehicle safety technology tips

Date: Jan 30, 2013

A new brochure aimed at providing the most up to date information on safety technologies for heavy vehicles has been published by Transport for NSW.

Safety Technologies for Heavy Vehicles and Combinations will be sent to heavy vehicle operators across the state to help them make safety conscious decisions when both buying and making after-market modifications to vehicles.

Centre for Road Safety general manager Margaret Prendergrast encourages operators to review the information and see what safety enhancements they can make to their vehicle.

Transport for NSW points out that though heavy vehicles make up just 2.5 per cent of motor vehicle registrations in NSW, they are involved in about 20 per cent of road fatalities.

Though they may not be at fault in every incident, the outsized dimensions of trucks and other larger vehicles mean they can often cause more damage.

“Heavy vehicles are big, and therefore when involved in a crash with another vehicle, the result can be very serious,” said Ms Prendergast in a statement released today (January 30).

The brochure details a number of crash avoidance technologies which can help drivers reduce the likelihood of a crash.

These include an electronic stability control system, which can apply braking to selected wheels, wheelnut indicators and locks, and a driver fatigue monitoring system.

There are also a number of protective technologies that can lessen the severity of a crash, such as front and rear underrun protective devices. These can prevent a smaller vehicle from going under the wheels of a heavy vehicle directly following a collision.

Ms Prendergrast said that currently there was only “a lot of scattered information” on the internet about these types of technologies.

“We want to provide the heavy vehicle industry with one decisive, go-to booklet which clearly demonstrates the safety benefits when these technologies are installed in their vehicles,” she concluded.

Another risk to vehicles of all sizes is the sort of wild weather that has recently been seen in northern NSW.

GIO Insurance issued a warning on January 28 reminding NSW residents that with fierce winds and localized flooding, safety should be the number one priority for all.

With lots of water inundating certain roads, drivers should exercise extreme caution.

Those injured as a result of a collision with a heavy vehicle in NSW may be able to make a claim for compensation.

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