Free child restraint checks for Sydney parents

Date: Jul 17, 2013

There are many factors that can reduce the severity of car accident injuries in the event of a road accident.

These include the speed at which the vehicles in question are travelling, the angle of impact and whether or not occupants are wearing seatbelts at the time of collision.

Wearing safety restraints in cars isn’t just a good idea – it’s the law. And if you have children it is important to be aware of the strict regulations surrounding child restraints.

Babies up to the age of six months must be secured in a rearward-facing child restraint; children up to four years of age need to be in a rear or forward-facing one, and those less than seven years old have to be seated in a forward-facing child restraint or booster seat.

These safety devices can reduce the risk of car accident injury and assure parents that their kids are safe in the car.

Parents in Sydney can get even more assurance by signing up to have an approved expert ensure their child restraints are correctly installed in their vehicles.

It’s an initiative of the City of Sydney and lets parents benefit from a service that could normally cost up to $75 for a professional restraint fitting.

“Child restraints can save lives and prevent injuries in accidents, so it’s important people who drive with children have restraints properly installed,” said Lord Mayor Clover Moore in a July 15 statement announcing this year’s program.

Installers will work methodically to check that restraints are properly anchored in vehicles and that parents and guardians are fluent in the correct way to operate belts and buckles.

There will be helpful advice on how to adjust straps to different heights – important for growing kids – and what to do when kids are ready to move on to a bigger restraint.

“This is a simple, free service that hundreds of people sign up for each year,” explained Mr Moore.

“It makes sure kids are safe and secure when they’re travelling, and gives parents peace of mind when they’re driving.”

Parents can contact the City of Sydney or hop on their website to sign up for the program.

They’ll be given a voucher to use at RMS-sanctioned checking stations where they’ll receive on the spot checks.

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