Four men suffer car accident injuries after Merrylands crash

Date: Mar 24, 2015

A crash in Merrylands has resulted in four men suffering serious car accident injuries, with reports suggesting they were not wearing seatbelts.

According to NSW Police, the men were in a Ford Falcon when it left the road and veered into a block of units. After being treated at the scene, they were taken to Westmead Hospital where they all underwent surgery.

The incident occurred at approximately 3am on Sunday (March 22), with the Daily Telegraph claiming the men were all Pakistani nationals in their 20s who are currently studying in Australia.

Hamed, a housemate of the men who refused to give his second name, claimed he heard a “loud bang” and discovered his friends stuck inside the vehicle, which crashed just outside their apartment.

“I just don’t know what to do,” he explained. “They just went out for the night and they were really close to home and now this.”

In a press release following the crash, NSW Police urged people to remember to wear their seatbelts whether they are a driver or passenger of a vehicle.

The organisation also released the top 10 areas in the state where people are stopped for not wearing a seatbelt. The top three were St George LAC (local area command), Sydney City LAC and Flemington.

Drivers warned of dangers

Assistant Commissioner John Hartley, commander of the state’s Traffic and Highway Patrol Command, said motorists continue to ignore the dangers associated with forgoing a seatbelt.

“Seatbelts are there to save lives, and the simple task of putting on a seatbelt combined with other safety features in modern vehicles, give drivers and passengers the greatest chance possible in the event of a collision,” he explained.

“Although it has been compulsory to wear seatbelts in New South Wales since 1971, each year on average there are more than 50 people killed and 300 injured who were not wearing seatbelts.”

Mr Hartley said 47,890 seatbelt infringements have been issued over the last two years, 1,560 of which were learner or provisional drivers. He said 300 drivers received a penalty notice in a single day in 2014.

General Manager at the Centre for Road Safety Marg Prendergast highlighted the importance of seatbelts, adding that they are essential safety devices.

“Over the last 40 years, seatbelts have helped to save hundreds, if not thousands of lives and have prevented many more injuries,” she remarked.

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