Four dead in separate NSW car accidents in a single day

Date: Jan 16, 2014

The new year has gotten off to a rocky start, with New South Wales emergency services crews attending to several car accident injuries that led to a number of fatalities within the first week of 2014.

One of the most recent accidents occurred at Macmasters Beach on the central coast, where a four-year-old boy was hit by a car driven by a woman in her 60s. First responders said the boy died at the scene of the accident before the rescue helicopter arrived to transport him to the nearest hospital.

Reports show the driver stopped the car after allegedly hitting the boy, and she was later taken to Gosford Hospital where she was treated for shock. She also underwent blood and urine tests.

Experts are now conducting an investigation and speaking with eyewitnesses about how the accident unfolded.

Unfortunately, this was the fourth fatality in a string of car accidents within 12 hours that the Sydney Morning Herald called a “horror day”.

Prior to this, a motorcyclist was killed after allegedly hitting a ute in western Sydney, and an elderly woman was also killed in a crash in Matraville. This two-vehicle crash also caused the other driver to suffer serious injuries.

Two trucks were involved in an earlier crash, which killed a 48-year-old man from Glenmore Park.

A rough start to 2014

The “horror day” may have NSW safety officials concerned, considering there have already been a total of 17 fatal crashes on the state’s roads in just the first 16 days of the year.

This is more than twice the amount of accidents that were reported in the same time frame in 2013, and much higher than the three-year average of 11 fatalities in the first 16 days of the year.

The majority of the deaths have been among drivers, with nine killed in the state, while there have been three motorcycle deaths and three passenger deaths.

Unfortunately, the holidays are known as one of the most dangerous times of the year for Australian motorists. The NSW government has implemented a number of rules and made legal changes in an attempt to lower the death toll, but in the end it will come down to driver safety and caution.

Those who have been injured in a NSW car accident are urged to consult with compensation lawyers to learn what legal action can be taken.


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