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Flooded roads still a danger in summer conditions

Despite the fact that Australia is in the midst of summer, the state of NSW doesn’t seem to be immune from a range of dangerous weather events.

In fact, while it’s meant to be a time for beach holidays and other summer activities, recent weather has forced Australians to take a rain check on these activities. The latest series of storms has even posed a danger for road users, which is likely to increase the need for car accident lawyers around the state.

No matter how capable a vehicle may seem, the unpredictable nature of flood waters can pose a significant risk to those who aren’t careful.

NSW Police warns of impending danger 

The recent adverse weather conditions experienced by people around the state has prompted NSW Police to issue a statement warning people of what to expect on flooded roads.

According to the organisation, people should stay well away from flooded areas in all instances. While in some situations the water may seem calm on the surface and shallow enough to traverse, strong undercurrents can drag in unsuspecting drivers. On top of this, rapidly changing conditions can result in depths and currents that move from safe to dangerous quicker than people can react.

The Police used the recent example of a man who became trapped while attempting to ford a flooded bridge on the state’s south coast. While the victim was driving an SUV – a vehicle designed to tackle such conditions – the water had reached a height of 1.4 metres which made it impossible to traverse safely.

Aside from putting himself in danger and increasing the risk of car accident injury, the man also received an infringement notice for negligent driving, an offence that comes with a $425 fine.

How to stay safe on flooded roads

These weather events can pose a range of challenges to the country’s motorists, especially in cases where people believe they are able to traverse swollen rivers safely. In many cases, the deceptive nature of flood waters means any driver that enters them is likely to face some sort of danger.

According to insurance providers Progressive, vehicles can be swept away in is little as 30 centimetres of water. While on the surface it appears that many vehicles should be capable of traversing waters of this depth, they often possess a strong current.

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