Flaming head-on collision at Leeville

Date: Apr 24, 2012

A fatal car accident in the north of New South Wales has seen two victims die and landed a third in hospital after two utes were involved in a head-on collision.

Police say that the incident took place at around 05:45 on April 23 after a Toyota Hilux travelling south and a northbound Nissan Navara connected on Summerland Way at Leeville near Casino.

Both utes erupted with flames shortly after the initial impact and official reports have yet to identify who, if anyone was at fault in the double fatality.

The driver and passenger in the Hilux – both believed to be male – died at the scene of their injuries.

Emergency services were able to reach the driver of the Navara before the flames got too intense – the man was treated by paramedics at the scene before being taken to Lismore Hospital with suspected spinal injuries.

Fire and Rescue personnel had to approach the blazing wrecks wearing breathing apparatus before they were able to douse them with fire-retardant foam.

The authorities were forced to close off the roadway for a number of hours while the emergency crews extracted the survivors and controlled the flames.

Barriers were then kept in place to allow police officers from the Richmond Local Area Command to set up a crime scene.

Investigators were then able to examine the scene in order to begin establishing the events and circumstances immediately preceding the collision – the results of which will most likely be presented to the state coroner.

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