Fixing Australia’s most dangerous roads

Date: Jul 07, 2016

With more and more people on the roads in the state of New South Wales, it is normal for there to be a few accidents. However, as serious injury can impact both an individual’s standard of living and their quality of life, it’s important to be aware of how you can attain accident compensation.

While a compensation lawyer can help someone affected by a car accident, one way to avoid injury is by steering clear of dangerous Australian roads.

Dangerous New South Wales roads

New South Wales is known around the world for its beautiful scenery and amazing features. Getting from one place to the other is made easy by its excellent infrastructure. However, travelling from point A to point B is not always as safe as it could be.

The National Roads and Motorists’ Association’s (NRMA) 2011 Seeing Red on Roads campaign found the Pacific Highway – between Coffs Harbour and Macksville – to be the worst stretch of road in New South Wales. Those surveyed believed the stretch of Princes Highway between Berry and Bateman’s Bay was the second worst road spot in the state.

Government offering grants

The New South Wales government is providing funding to community groups across the state in an effort to deliver local projects that increase road safety. The accepted projects will align with the internationally recognised safe systems approach and will be reviewed by an expert panel from both Transport for NSW, Roads and Maritime and the NSW Department of Education.

The opportunities available include:

  • Grants worth up to $5000 for road safety projects that involve community engagement and road safety awareness.
  • Bigger grants of up to $30,000 are on offer for projects that set out a project plan and show costs, phases and a timeline.

To be accepted, the applications must be based on empirical research, using best practice principles. They must also target local issues, addressing the problems or grievances experienced by local communities.

In addition to the community focused grants, Transport for NSW will also be injected with close to $1.6 million worth of grants over the next four years.

While these will be of help to drivers and communities in the future, for those who have sustained a recent injury, they will not be of much use.  As such, it is important to talk a lawyer from Gerard Malouf and Partners. With their help, you can attain a settlement that ensures your standard of living does not drop.

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