Fiery crash near Gunnedah results in double fatality

Date: Nov 01, 2011

The north-west of New South Wales bore witness to a fiery crash that claimed the life of two drivers on October 29.

Emergency services were called to the scene of a head-on collision on the Oxley Highway at Gunnedah at around 13:40 only to find one of the cars was well ablaze.

Police say that the Honda was too damaged for the single male driver to be rescued in time and the sole occupant's car was incinerated.

The female driver of the other vehicle – a Holden Commodore – also succumbed
to her injuries at the scene.

Officers from the NSW Ambulance Service told reporters that a male passenger in the front seat of the second car was also injured by the accident – receiving extensive injuries to his face and chest.

He was taken by paramedics to the nearby Tamworth Base Hospital for medical treatment where he reportedly remains in a stable condition.

There are conflicting reports of a fourth passenger involved in the incident – with some media outlets claiming that the burning vehicle had two occupants and that one escaped the flames, while official press releases from the police state that the Honda had just one party on board at the time.

Diversions were in place on the Oxley Highway between the village of Carol and the town of Gunnedah for several hours – allowing forensic investigators to examine the scene for clues as to how the accident came to occur.

There have been no official reports put forward at this time and police have not indicated if they believe a particular driver was to blame for the incident.

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