Fiery Campvale crash claims the lives of two teens

Date: Oct 04, 2011

A fiery car crash in Campvale near Newcastle in northern NSW on October 2 has resulted in the deaths of two people – one of them reported to have been just 14 years old.

The accident occurred on Richardson Road between Nelson Bay Road and Medowie Road at around 21:00 and involved two vehicles – a Ford Telstar and a late-model Honda Accord.

Police say that the deceased – whose identities have yet to be released – were both passengers in the back seat of the vehicle driven by a 17-year-old in possession of a provisional license.

Reports indicate that the collision may have occurred after the P-plater's car – the Telstar – crossed onto the wrong side of the road and collided with the oncoming Accord.

However, police have yet to release their official findings to the coroner, with crash scene investigators processing the scene for a number of hours on Sunday night and Monday morning (October 2 and 3) before Richardson Road was able to be cleared of debris by salvage crews and cleaning teams.

The damage inflicted on the wrecked vehicles testifies to the violence of the impact, with one of the cars literally torn in half by the accident.

Fire damage was also evident on both cars and on the surrounding bushland, with emergency services saying that when they arrived at the scene both of the vehicles were ablaze and that the surviving victims had managed to escape the encroaching flames.

The two occupants of the Telstar – both aged 17 – were taken to the nearby John Hunter Hospital with severe injuries, along with the two women – aged 30 and 55 – who were travelling in the second car.

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