Fatigue leading to road crashes

Date: Apr 12, 2016

The New South Wales road network is one of the most important infrastructure systems in our daily lives. Whether it is travelling to work or to visit a friend, it is essential to our commutes.

However, they are also a dangerous environment for all those who use them. If you are in a car crash, by seeking car accident compensation you can ensure that your standard of living and quality of life does not diminish.

For those on the roads , one of the biggest hazards user's face is the threat of a fatigued driver.

Dangerous driving and sleep deprivation

New South Wales is home to a high number of car crashes every year. Figures released by Transport for NSW show that nearly 20,000 people have been injured in the 12 months prior to February 2016. This is a rate of 251 injuries per 100,000 people and 37 per 10,000 vehicles.

Many people believe that alcohol and speed are the most dangerous issues when it comes to car accidents. Yet, fatigue is also a major factor in the number of crashes that happen on New South Wales roads.

Speaking to the The Daily Telegraph, the Centre for Road Safety's Executive Director Bernard Carlon said that activities such as family trips and leaving straight from work to head to the coast can have a serious impact on a person's ability to drive. 

"We know that 50 per cent of fatigue related accidents occur in metropolitan area, people are getting behind the wheel when they're tired," he said. 

With fatigue such a major drain on the driving capabilities of road users, it is essential to make sure you are well-rested before you drive. In instances where you have been in a crash because of a fatigued driver, you could be left with serious injuries. 

To ensure these injuries and any complications that arise do not affect you current and future economic loss, it is important that you seek out car accident lawyers. With their experienced advice in your counsel, you can rest assured your interests will be looked after. 

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