Fatal truck smash on Burley Griffin Way

Date: Sep 23, 2011

Over 800 metres of road have been closed off after an accident at 16:10 on September 22 saw two trucks collide approximately 20km west of Stockinbingal, NSW.

The two large vehicles were involved in a head-on collision that scattered debris around a considerable area, forcing emergency services to close the road.

Police say that a semi-trailer and a B-double heavy transport were involved in a collision on Burley Griffin Way that claimed the life of one of the drivers, aged 65 years old.

The other driver – a 50-year-old man – was uninjured by the accident but was trapped in his wrecked rig for a number of hours before emergency services were safely able to free him from the damaged cabin.

He later attended the nearby Cootamundra Hospital to undergo mandatory blood and urine testing.

Officers from the Cootamundra, Temora and Jugiong precincts attended the accident, along with paramedics and Rural Fire Service volunteers.

Specialist crash investigators and detectives were present at the site of the collision well into the night, trying to determine the initial cause of the accident.

Amongst the wreckage was thousands of eggs – the cargo carried by the B-double – which smashed during the impact and required an extensive clean up before the traffic corridor was once again usable.

The accident took place on a blind corner of the road, prompting the Roads and Traffic Authority to close a section of the major thoroughfare between Temora and Wallendbeen, diverting public vehicles through Cootamundra.

Police have yet to comment on how the head-on collision occurred and it is not yet known if the road has be re-opened for public use.

The violent nature of these crashes can leave some victims with serious injuries that can require extensive medical treatment.

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The same is true for victims whose quality of life is affected through permanent disability or impairment that results from a collision.

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