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Fatal hit and run reminds drivers to stay safe

While some people may prefer to believe that hit and run collisions are reserved for the movies, in reality these tragic accidents happen more often that we would like to think.

And although these situations are difficult for both the driver and the pedestrian, it is important that the motorist tries to keep a level head and do the right thing – even if they are shocked or emotional.

After all, when a vehicle collides with a person, the one that is driving the car is likely to come out unhurt – therefore all their focus should be on helping the pedestrian, who is probably injured due to the impact.

If the motorist stays on the scene, they can also assist with police inquiries and get to the bottom of the incident in a legal and rightful manner.

Unfortunately this was not the case in a recent hit and run accident that occurred in Fairfield West, New South Wales on Saturday June 17.

At approximately 21:00 in the evening, police were called to the scene of a serious crash involving two motorcyclists and another vehicle at the intersection of Maud and Ligar Streets.

However, when they arrived, the vehicle that had allegedly knocked the two motorcyclists off their bikes was nowhere to be seen.

Both of the motorcycle passengers were seriously injured and had to be taken to Liverpool Hospital immediately.

While the male – a 21-year-old man – survived the crash, the 23-year-old female passed away in the morning of June 18.

Police launched an investigation to find the driver of the car – which was believed to be a Toyota Corolla, as shown by CIC footage.

They located a couple – a 33-year-old woman and a 42-year old male – at a house in Ligar Street, not far from the original scene of the accident.

At first officers believed that the woman was responsible for the fatal car accident, but soon found out that in fact it was the husband.

He has been charged with three offences – failure to stop and render aid after impact causing death, failure to stop and render aid after impact causing grievous bodily harm and negligent driving occasioning death.

This incident serves as a sombre reminder of the consequences of leaving an accident before checking if other people were hurt.

Although collisions are a traumatic time, it is worth staying on the scene and following the law.

Those who are involved in a hit and run may like to know that they may be eligible for car accident compensation.

There are lawyers in Sydney who can help you make a claim.

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