Fatal crash in Ballimore leads to Campsie arrest

Date: Jan 03, 2012

A two-car-collision near the regional centre of Dubbo has caused the death of a 79-year-old female and caused a pregnant woman to lose her baby.

The accident occurred on Muronbung Road at Ballimore when a Toyota Avalon and a Toyota Hilux collided shortly after 14:00 on December 27 2011.

Occupants in the sedan were trapped for close to an hour as emergency personnel worked to free them from the wrecked vehicle.

All four victims were taken to the nearby Dubbo Base Hospital for medical treatment.

The passenger in the utility vehicle – a 79-year-old female – died at the scene while the 51-year-old male driver was taken to the nearby facility for care.

One of the passengers in the Avalon was 16 weeks pregnant at the time of the accident – she suffered injuries to her abdomen that caused her to lose her baby.

Official reports state that the driver of the sedan – a 44-year-old male – managed to flee the hospital on hearing that police were on their way.

He was arrested on December 28 2011 at a medical facility in the Sydney suburb of Campsie where he was undergoing further treatments.

He was subsequently taken to Campsie police station before being transferred to St George Hospital for ongoing care.

The driver has been charged with a number of offences – including negligent driving occasioning death – and currently remains under guard at the medical facility.

A bedside hearing has resulted in the man being refused bail and he has been remanded in custody pending an appearance at Dubbo Court on January 9.

Police reports also indicate that the driver was in the country illegally – having stayed in Australia after his visa had expired.

It is not clear at this time if the other victims' claims for car accident compensation would be affected by this development.

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