Fatal crash in Albion Park

Date: Apr 12, 2012

A fatal accident in Albion Park has seen one rider die and a second victim hospitalised.

Police say that the collision occurred at around 16:45 on April 10 when a red Mazda sedan that was northbound on Jambaroo Road connected with a black Suzuki motorcycle.

The authorities have yet to comment on the conditions surrounding the incident have yet to release further details that could indicate who – if anyone – was at fault.

According to official reports the rider – a 50-year-old man – suffered a number of severe injuries and later died at the scene.

The sole occupant of the Mazda – a 59-year-old woman – sustained minor injuries to her ankle and was taken to the nearby Shellharbour Hospital for treatment.

In addition to receiving medical attention the surviving party will also undergo mandatory blood and urine testing that forms part of the investigative process into any fatal car accident.

A crime scene was established on the site by police officers attached to the Lake Illawarra Local Area Command to allow forensic specialists and collision investigators to have unfettered access to the site.

In addition to the usual examinations, the authorities seized the motorcycle and sedan involved in the crash to conduct further testing – perhaps to determine if sudden mechanical failure was a factor in the event.

This is one of the examples given by the Motor Accidents Authority (MAA) of the kind of scenario considered to fall into the category of a 'faultless accident'.

These are said to occur when a set of unforeseen circumstances that are outside of a driver or rider's control come into play that forces a collision to occur.

Other examples provided by the MAA include the appearance of wildlife on a road, or the sudden onset of a previously unforeseen medical condition such as a heart attack, seizure or stroke.

As these factors are well beyond the control of any party involved in a crash, the authority can make special arrangements to provide car accident compensation to victims.

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