Fatal car crash in Orange

Date: Jun 05, 2012

A fatal car accident occurred in Orange yesterday (June 4), serving as a sombre reminder to stay safe and be careful when on the road.

The crash happened at approximately 14:00 on Burrendong Way, about 25 kilometres north of Orange.

Three people were in the car – the 47-year-old male driver and his two daughters, aged 15 and 17.

When the vehicle left the road, it crashed into a tree and all three passengers were trapped inside.

It is uncertain at this stage what caused the accident to happen.

The driver suffered minor injuries and the 17-year-old has two fractured legs, a fractured spine and internal injuries, according to a police report. Unfortunately the 15-year-old girl died at the scene.

Emergency services did what they could when they arrived and everyone was taken to Orange Health Service Hospital.

Following this incident, another fatal car accident occurred earlier today in Vineyard, north of Sydney, just before 07:30 in the morning.

A man in his early twenties – a utility driver – was hit by a van on Windsor Road, when he had pulled over to adjust what he was carrying. He died at the scene.

The police are continuing further investigations and calling for witnesses to come forward if they have any more information.

The driver of the van – whose age has not been revealed – is undergoing blood and urine testing at hospital.

Yesterday afternoon there was also a fatal pedestrian injury, after an 85-year-old man was hit by a bus in Bankstown. This incident occurred at approximately 17:40.

The elderly man suffered head injuries and was taken to Liverpool Hospital as soon as emergency services arrived on the scene, however he was unable to recover and passed away.

Although we would rather not think about it, driving does put us at risk of a collision, especially if concentration levels are low or we are going beyond the speed limit.

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