Fatal car accident in Tamworth

Date: May 31, 2012

A fatal car accident serves as a sombre reminder of some of the dangers that are associated with driving, emphasising the need to pay close attention and stay safe on the roads.

The crash occurred yesterday (May 30) at approximately 15:00 in the afternoon on Bridge Street in Tamworth.

Police were called to the scene of a head-on collision between a Ford ute – estimated to weigh at least one tonne – and a Honda Civic.

While the 22-year-old driver of the Ford was unharmed, the male driving the Honda – whose age was not revealed in the police report – died of catastrophic injury at the site.

The reasons behind this incident are uncertain and there seems to be more involved than meets the eye.

A Critical Incident Investigation Team has been assigned to investigate the case after a series of unusual events led to the fatal car accident.

The driver of the Honda had been breathalysed at approximately 14:30 – half an hour before the crash occurred – because police had been tipped by a radio message and a home call-out to investigate his circumstances.

He was cleared of having an illegal amount of alcohol in his system after the breath test and sent on his way, according to the police report.

No further details have been made available as of yet but officials are continuing investigations.

The day before this crash occurred in Tamworth, a man was pulled over in Bankstown at approximately 15:30 in the afternoon due to reckless driving.

He was allegedly travelling more than 50 kilometres over the speed limit – 112 kilometres per hour in a 60 kilometre zone, police reported.

The man was 18-years-old and driving a Subaru Liberty station wagon. He carried a P1 license, which was confiscated and suspended immediately.

This happened south west of Sydney on Marion Street, not far from Bankstown airport. Police were there because they were helping the Bankstown Highway Patrol enforce speed limits.

As a result of his speeding, in addition to having his license taken the driver also received a fine of $1,915.

While this incident did not result in any fatalities, it serves as a reminder to people to stick to the recommended speed limit or the consequences could be worse than a monetary fine.

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