E-scooter craze continues to cause injuries

Date: Feb 13, 2020

If you’ve been in a large city recently, whether it’s Sydney, Brisbane or somewhere abroad, you’ve seen them. E-scooters have taken the world by storm, providing a cheap way to get around relatively quickly, all while creating fewer greenhouse gas emissions than cars. However, the omnipresence of e-scooters has become a subject of debate, and here in Australia it’s no different.

A wave of injuries

Most of the debate surrounds the injuries that have sometimes been associated with the scooters. In Brisbane, paramedics treated eighty people in a two month period for injuries accrued while riding scooters made by the company Lime. In one of the most severe cases, a man died after falling down a flight of stairs while riding a scooter. The man suffered severe head injuries and went into cardiac arrest.

A spokesperson from Lime noted to the Brisbane Times that an analysis of the data from the scooter involved in the accident showed that the fall was not caused by a malfunction in scooter’s software.

Across the nation, across the world

Problems with scooter-related injuries aren’t limited to Brisbane. Many cities that either have, or are in the process of, implementing e-scooter services have faced pushback. Discussions in Sydney have involved implementing strict restrictions on the time, place and speed at which scooters can be used, according to The Age. Programming in the scooters would prevent them from working in certain areas and after certain hours. Other experts worry that the scooters will increase congestion rather decrease it.

Scooter-related injuries, and the subsequent pushback, have also happened in other parts of the world. In the United States, several cities have banned the scooters outright after a rash of injuries and, according to the Associated Press, 11 deaths. In New Zealand, several trauma surgeons, some of whom have worked with individuals injured on the scooters, have called for significantly stricter regulations on areas like speed and helmet usage.

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