Drunk driver causes serious car accident injuries at weekend

Date: Jun 08, 2015

A woman who was allegedly drunk behind the wheel of her car caused significant injuries to passengers of another vehicle due to a collision in Sydney.

The incident, which occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning (June 7), happened when the 22-year-old female drove her Mazda 2 into a Ford Laser on Princes Highway at Waterfall.

While the woman emerged unhurt, a 57-year-old female and her 60-year-old husband were taken to St Georges Hospital after sustaining serious car accident injuries. The wife is in a life-threatening condition.

The Mazda driver underwent a breath test at the scene, reportedly blowing a 0.09 reading. The limit in NSW is 0.05, meaning the woman had nearly twice the allowed blood alcohol level.

According to NSW Police, the crash was not the only car accident resulting from drunk driving on Princes Highway this weekend. A 41-year-old man allegedly returned a breathalyser reading of 0.225 after he ran his Toyota Lexen into a Hyundai that was waiting at traffic lights.

While it appears no one was injured in the incident, the Toyota driver refused to provide his details and attempted to flee the scene. However, he was arrested following a "short foot pursuit", NSW Police said in a statement.

Operation Stay Alert

Senior police officials in the state admitted they were disappointed with the number of motorists endangering people's lives because of drink driving.

NSW Police conducted Operation Stay Alert at the weekend to prevent risky behaviour behind the wheel, yet there were 45 alleged incidents of people exceeding the alcohol limit on the second day of the initiative alone.

The force's Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander, Assistant Commissioner John Hartley, said the figures were lower than this time last year, but more must be done to reduce accidents even further.

"Across the state yesterday we saw too many people allegedly putting the lives of other road users, and themselves, at risk because they made the choice to drive while over the alcohol limit," he commented. "The consequences of their actions could very well have been devastating so it is disappointing people are ignoring our pleas and continuing to do it."

On the second day of Operation Stay Alert, officers carried out 65,540 breath tests. In addition to drink driving, there were 1,248 people stopped for speeding. Overall, 82 major vehicle crashes occurred, including a fatal car accident.

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